Day 1 :

Today was my First day in TCC . I went there with my new laptop and all excited to work on it . My laptop didn’t had ubuntu installed on it . So i installed ubuntu 13.04  on it with the help of my friend Ishpuneet . then i tried to install essential softwares that i would need to work on my system , it took lot of time because i was facing internet problem there . Finally i decided to install Wt on it so that i can start working on it . I searched on internet how to install Wt and found the relative command of sudo apt-get install . It took a lot of time and it was interrupted in between that caused an error  whie installing it again . then i removed all the files /var/cache/apt/archieves/partial/  directory And then i ran that command again it worked and I have installed it Wt . But In evening Inderpreet Told me that it was an obsolete version of Wt so remove it and install the new version . The day was wasted 😦


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