Day 3 :

Today I was feeling frustrated with my self because yesterday i tried to install the Wt but was getting error and at times i thought it would install without error and then suddenly there would come an Error out of nowhere 😦 . Today i discussed inder about my problem he told me that the command i was using is not correct and he gave me hint with a link and then i tried the command sudo apt-add-repository ppa:user/ppa:pgquiles/wt with the hope that it would work for me now . but again in between it gave me the same error . I even tried to install Wt on some Ishpuneet’s laptop but it gave me the same error . So after discussion with inder he advised me to start working by installing the previous version by using this command $ sudo apt-get install witty witty-dbg witty-dev witty-doc
So finally i was able to install Wt and started seeing the hello world example and trying to understand it .


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