Day : 4

Today i worked on Wt hello program and i was trying to understand the Wt code and came to know that my C++ is quite weak . on first seeing the code i was like what is this ? is it really C++ ?  i have never seen a code like that in C++ . So i read the code for 2-3 times and searched for the things in the code and even asked Amitoj for few times where i didn’t understood it and took the help of shaina’s blog to know how to compile and the run the Wt code and i was able to run the hello program example . Then it was my time to get my hands dirty in coding 😛 . So i wrote my own Hello World program and i was able to run it after getting and removing errors in it  🙂 . Then we had a presentation on DJango presented by Jasvir and Kamalpreet. It was nice presentation and they was able to give answers to the queries of audience . Then there was a Workshop by Inderpreet on “How to increase your typing speed ” and he told us to write with all 10 fingers and we all participated in that workshop .


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