22 August 2013

Today i came to know that me and Ishpuneet were assigned a task of Suneha-moodle integration and i had installed moodle in my laptop and Ishpuneet told me that i have to follow the steps that were given on moodle site but perhaps im so dumb that i was not able to understand the steps and messed up the moodle software by replacing files here and there and it stopped working on my localhost and in the evening, inder and ishpuneet told me that i didn’t have moodle installed on my laptop and ishpuneet was almost done with the work and sir assigned him this work alone. Then i went to sir and he told me to take a demo of staad-pro software and take a print out of its input file and It was easy to understand that file and sir told me that i have to convert .DXF format into .FLT format which have a similar structure to Staad-pro input file.


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