Day of Presentations

Today was the day of Presentations. First there was a Presentation on LMMS by Gurjot Singh. He showed his knowledge about music and sound through his presentation. He also Presented some tracks composed by him in LMMS. Then second presentation was given by 2nd year student and he showed his website made in C++. Then Hitesh presented his six week project on kennel and he showed how his projects. Then Devinder showed her website to all and asking for give reviews. Then Professor Ashish Malik showed his work and achievements and he presented the sound systems made by him and also the Car models made by him. He also showed us the Videos of competition he participated in. Today i solved the problem being faced by me after installing Windows8. I was unable to mount the partitions in Ubuntu then i searched this problem in on internet and got the solution that i have to disable the options of fast booting in Windows. After that i was able to mount the partitions in Ubuntu :).


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