12 Oct,2013

This Week I was First confused with the Vectors because when I changed the value of co-ordinate points given in line Attribute of STEP file, it didn’t changed its position in the drawing ,i.e. No effects on the Line being drawn, Then I came to know that the line is drawn with the use of Vectors and I started searching about the magnitude and Direction of vectors what it means ? how it is calculated.

On the other day I got to catch up with wordpress as Birpal was on leave and work on Ielec website. Ehen i tried to install wordpress on my system , it gave me errors But by the end of the day I was able to install it and work on the website’s various issues.
Next day I came back to my work of Parsing the STEP file with C++ and Started searching on it. I searched whole day and tried to match teh text within the STEP file so that i could parse it and make a line. I tried various logics through file handling function seekg , tellg but was unable to parse it.
Then I tried regex seaqrch for it to do parsing and there were some function which somehow didn’t worked for me. I tried different logics with the regex search as Regex syntax was also complicated. It took the whole to understand it.


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