21 Sept 2013

The Script I have made was not efficient and Sir asked me to make the script where it took the Paraments in the command line, i.e. It should work like a command and I started searching how to do this and found about argc and agrv.


19 Sept 2013

I was still working on the Shell script that could displays the various attributes of a file and Today i also learnt how to push a file on github.

18 Sept 2013

Today sir asked me to write a shell script which could give the various attribute information about a file i.e. owner of file, last time it was accessed, last modified time etc. So i started searching for a command that could do this for me. I found out about the stat command and I Started reading its manual to know how use it and Meanwhile I also searched for the list of Open finite Element Processors.

17 Sept,2013

Today I searched for different pre-processor and post processor formats. I searched for Salome-meca and code-aster. I came to know that we can draw diagrams in salome, but it can not import directly into felt. So the problem still persist.

14 September 2013

Today I gave A presentation on Reading Dxf files. I explained the structure of Dxf files. There were only few students that were present at TCC that time. I tried to gave it using English only and I was quite able to do that but was not satisfied with the concepts I explained. It could have been much better than I gave it today.

STEPcode installed

Today I got response from the STEPcode mailing list where Kesha Shah told me to rename a schema that was giving the error in the make command. I changed the name of the schema and make command ran successfully. Now when I tried the make-install command it again gave error , I read the error carefully and was able to find that two of the files that has been removed from the source was not not remove in the cmakelist file so I removed those two lines and make-install ran successfully and STEPcode was installed today. Still I don’t know how to deal with this software.


I was searching for refrence manual of STEP file format, I couldn’t found it. Then sir gave me link of STEPcode and i downloaded its source. And I tried to install it but it gave errors while running make command and Then I put a mail on STEPcode mailing list to which i got no response today.Even I asked on the IRC channel where i got no response. Trying to find out the problem.